Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus



The Go-Go Elite Traveller® Plus was designed to bring travel scooters to a greater range of people than ever before. An increase in length and width, and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. (325 lbs. w/HD version) combine with wraparound delta tiller to allow both the larger individual and those with limited dexterity to experience the benefits of a travel specific mobility product for the first time. Feather-touch disassembly makes the Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus the easiest travel scooter to take along anywhere.

Go Go Elite Traveller Plus Features

  • 325 lbs. weight capacity w/HD version.
  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles.
  • Standard 17AH battery pack.
  • 9″ rear wheels.
  • Speed up to 4.5 mph.
  • Auto-latching lockup mechanism permits simple frame seperation with only one hand.
  • Auto-connecting front rear cable.
  • Includes 3 sets of easily changeable colored panels in 3 exciting colors: Red, Blue, and Silver.
  • Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability.


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