Neb-u-Lite® EV Nebulizer Compressor


John Bunn® Neb-u-Lite® Nebulizer Compressors, whose reliable, lubrication-free piston-driven compressors provide high performance and long life, features small footprints and light weight that provide exceptional portability. Neb-u-Lite® Nebulizer Compressors, designed to meet the requirements of HCPCS code E0570.

The light, conveniently portable Neb-u-Lite® EV, whose compressor weighs only 3.2 lb, doubles as a carrying case and comples complete with:

  • 1 nebulizer (reuseable single-patient use)
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 T adaptor PVC tubing 3 spare filters


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