PatriotTM Homecare Bed


The Lumex® PatriotTM Homecare Bed is designed and engineered by the same team that develops of GF Long Term Care beds, features MADE IN THE USA sleep surface and motors. With no external pinch points, the PatriotTM features complete welded steel frame construction and strong, sturdy, easy-to-clean grid deck. The grid deck, without connecting links or springs to lose, offers better mattress support-no spring sag, and heavier patients no longer bottom out. The motor unit and bed design, featuring the ultimate in quiet, smooth operation, provide a lift range of 60o head and 30o knee. The PatriotTM is available with Fiberboard Decorative Walnut Bed Ends or High-Impact Plastic Bed Ends. Overall PatriotTM Bed size is 87”Lx36”W. An optional 4” extension kit is available to extend the head deck, foot deck, or both; bed deck length will be 84” with one kit, and 88” with one at both ends. Attached lanyards prevent loss whole moving or storing and optional corner mattress retainers are available. The PatriotTM ships in three cartons: 1) foot section and motor, 2) head section and Hi/Lo rod, and 3) Bed end set. 350 lb maximum patient weight; 450lb evenly distributed total weight capacity including patient, mattress, rails and accessories.

PatriotTM Semi-Electric Homecare Bed

  • The head and foot sections can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently with one hand control.
  • Assembles easily; only five components.
  • During a power failure, the motor can lower both the head and foot sections with a single 9V battery.
  • Total bed weight assembled; 166 lb (bed and motor only)
  • Bed Height at deck level: Minimum 15”, Maximum 24”.

PatriotTM Full-Electric Homecare Bed

The PatriotTM single-motor design homecare bed is also available in a full-electric/low version. The PatriotTM Full-Electric Homecare Bed offers the same features as the PatriotTM Semi-Electric Homecare Bed with the additional feature of electric height adjustment. The electric height adjustment, which makes it easier for caregivers to raise and lower the bed for patient care and linen changes, also enables the patient to easily position the bed for maximum comfort. And for better inventory management, the full-electric model can be adjusted to be a conventional height homecare bed.

  • Total bed weight assembled: 178 lb (bed and motor only)
  • Powerful DC motor for effortless height adjustment
  • Hi-Lo motor comes pre-installed on foot section for easy set-up and disassembly.
  • All functions fully integrated into single convenient handheld pendant.
  • Bed height at deck level:
    • Casters in low position:Mimimum 9.5” maximum 20”
    • Casters in standard position: Mimimum 13”, Maximum 23.5”


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