Poli-Foam Memory Coccyx Cushion


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Poli-Foam Memory Coccyx Cushion

  • Durable antibacterial, antifungal, and fluid resistant cover
  • Twill spandex fabric
  • Slip resistant vinyl bottom
  • Removable washable cover with zipper closure

Poli-Foam Memory Coccyx Cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushions are designed to help relieve pressure sores while distribtuing weight evenly and providing proper support. The Regency Coccyx seat cushions are avalible in Poli-Foam, Poli-Foam/Memory and Poli-Gel/Poli-Foam combinations.


18" x 16" x 3", 18" x 16" x 3" With Strap


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